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An arch is a structure that spans a space while supporting weight (e.g. a doorway in a stone wall). Arches appeared as early as the 2nd millennium BC in Mesopotamian brick architecture, but their systematic use started with the Ancient Romans who were the first to apply the technique to a wide range of structures. History in Alcántara, Spain]] in Palace Square, St Petersburg]] arches (65 m tall) over the Alcantara valley, Lisbon. Note the pointed shape of the arches.]]Arches were known by the Mesopotamian, Urartian, Harappan, Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Assyrian civilizations, but their use was infrequent and mostly confined to underground structures such as drains where the problem of lateral thrust is greatly diminished.The oldest arched city gate in the world, eight feet wide, was found in Ashkelon, Israel, and is dated to the middle bronze age.The ancient Romans learned the arch from the Etruscans, refined it and were the first builders to tap its full potential for abov

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  • Jun2015
    Festivalområdet Bråvalla (Norrköping)

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