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The Arcana C?lestia, quae in Scriptura Sacra seu Verbo Domini sunt, detecta (or "Heavenly Secrets") is the first and largest work published by Emanuel Swedenborg in his theological period. It was written and published in Neolatin, in eight volumes, one volume per year, from 1749 to 1756.It consists of an exposition of the spiritual sense of the books of Genesis and Exodus, according to the doctrine of correspondence and demonstrated by many supporting quotations from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament. While not denying the historicity of the stories of the Patriarchs and The Exodus from Egypt, it explains them as describing symbolically the process of spiritual growth and struggles in each individual personIn the standard edition of the Arcana Coelestia, revised and edited by Rev. John Faulkner Potts and published by the Swedenborg Foundation in 1956, the prefatory notes by the reviser contains a summary of the publishing history for the work originally published by Emanuel Swed

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