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Appendix, from the Latin word of the same name, may refer to an Index / Bibliography. Appendix , a reference section at the end of a book In anatomy, a section at the end of an organ; in particular the: Vermiform appendix (often referred to as simply the "appendix"), a part of the human digestive system. Right auricular appendix, a conical pouch on the right atrium of the heart. Left auricular appendix, a conical pouch on the left atrium of the heart. Appendix of the epididymis, a detached efferent duct of the epididymis. Appendix testis, a vestigial remnant of the M├╝llerian duct. Epiploic appendix, one of several small pouches of fat on the peritoneum along the colon and rectum. Fibrous appendix of the liver, a band on the left of the liver. Appendix of the laryngeal ventricle, a sac that extends from the laryngeal ventricle. Mesoappendix, the portion of the mesentery that connects the ileum to the vermiform appendix. Appendix , an addition or addendum to a contract

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