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's The Pilgrim's Progress.|240px|thumb]]Apollyon appears in the New Testament (Book of Revelation 9:7–11) leading the locust plague that will be released on God's enemies in the End Times:The name is Greek for "Destroyer" (????????, from ?????????, to destroy). It also echoes the unrelated Hebrew Abaddon (lit. "place of destruction," but here personified) and the name of the Greek god Apollo, also a "destroyer" in his aspect of controlling pestilence, though the composite monstrosity that is Apollyon is distinctly Babylonian and Persian, not Hellenic, in inspiration. Apollyon seems to be equated in Revelation with the Beast. The term "Apollyon" was often associated by early Christians with The Devil, and fancifully described, and is still used as an alternative name for him.In John Bunyan's allegory The Pilgrim's Progress, Apollyon appears as the "foul fiend" who assaulted Christian on his pilgrimage through the Valley of Humiliation. The identification with the Asmodeus of To

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