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Antena Tres Biography

Antena 3 de Television, S.A., () is a Spanish television network and media company, present in the television, radio and cinema industries. It was the first private station in Spain, commencing broadcasts in 1990. Significant shareholders include Planeta-De Agostini and RTL Group. Shows broadcast by the Antena 3 channel include Aquí no hay quien viva, 24, Lalola, Los Simpson and El Internado. History thumb|200px|Antena 3 headquartersAntena 3 Television (trade name: Antena 3) began broadcasting on January 25 1990, becoming the first private channel to broadcast in Spain.The channel is the second biggest private channel after Telecinco. The biggest winners for the channel are The Simpsons, El Internado, the UEFA Champions League, El diario (a daily talk show run by Sandra Daviú) and the news (particularly the evening edition run by Matías Prats).Antena 3 dramas and sitcoms include; Manos a la obra, Canguros, La casa de los líos, Los ladrones van a la oficina, Hermanos de le

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