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Angel Corpse is a blackened death metal band originally from Kansas City, Missouri and relocated to Tampa, Florida. They formed in 1995, and originally split up in 1999, reforming in 2006. Their lyrical themes are generally those of anti-Christian sentiment and concerning warfare. Discography Goats to Azazael (Demo, 1995) Hammer of Gods (1996) Nuclear Hell (EP, 1997) Wolflust (Single, 1997) Exterminate (1998) Winds of Desecration - Split w/ Martire (EP, 1999) The Inexorable (1999) Iron, Blood and Blasphemy (Compilation of Singles, EPs, Live Songs and Original Demo2000) Death Dragons of the Apocalypse (Live Album, 2002) Of Lucifer and Lightning (2007) While Angelcorpse's main material was released on 'Osmose Productions', the singles, EPs and Live albums were released on Gene Palubicki's label 'Evil Vengeance Records'. Current members Pete Helmkamp - Bass, Vocals (Order From Chaos, Revenge, Terror Organ, Feldgrau) Gene Palubicki - Guitars John Longstreth - Drums

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