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Angantyr was the name of three characters from the same line in Norse mythology, and who appear in Hervarar saga, in Gesta Danorum and Faroese ballad.The last generation named Angantyr also appears to be mentioned as Incgentheow in Widsith, line 115, together with his father Heiðrekr (Heathoric), half-brother Hlöð (Hlith) and Hlöð's mother Sifka (Sifeca). Angantyr the Berserker 's father Arngrim had given him the magic sword Tyrfing, which cut through anything like through cloth, and which killed a man every time it was unsheathed. He was the tallest of the twelve sons of the berserker Arngrim, and he and his eleven brothers spread fear and destruction through the North.One Yule, they were back home on Bolmsö and the next oldest son, Hjörvard, swore that he would win Ingeborg, the daughter of Yngve, the king of Sweden.The twelve brothers departed for Uppsala and Hjorvard proposed to Ingeborg. However, then Hjalmar, one of the Swedish king's champions, stepped forth and claimed

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