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Amon can refer to: Amon Amon the former name of Deicide the word for "mountain" in Sindarin, an artificial language created by J. R. R. Tolkien a governor of Samaria in the time of Ahab in the Bible (1 Kings 22:26; 2 Chr. 18:25) Amon of Judah, king of the Judah and son of Manasseh Chris Amon Amon Akilbaev Amon Göth, a commandant in the Nazi SS during World War II Amon Tobin, a Brazilian DJ Amon Amarth, a heavy metal band Fictional characters/places named Amon include: one of the four Sinistrals, evil gods and main villains of the Lufia series of videogames Amon , a character from the Witch Hunter Robin anime Amon Tomaz, a fictional superhero one of three demon gods in the game Shadow Hearts Covenant; also the second most powerful transformation in both Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts Covenant the demon that becomes Devilman when fused with Akira in the manga and anime series Devilman the house in which the events of the King Diamond album "Them" take place. i

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