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The fictional multiverse of The Gathering has many characters. This alphabetic list includes characters who appear in flavor-text on the cards, in games, comics or short stories as well as minor characters from the novels. Major characters have their own entry. Abdallah A human on the planes of Rabiah who owned magic sandals. (Card: ) (Arabian Nights) Aboshan Brutal Emperor of the Cephalids. Controlled a secret network of flooded tunnels throughout Otaria. His hatred of "drylanders" included the desire to conquer Otaria, and to this end he maintained a tenuous political alliance with the Cabal. When Kirtar lost control of the Mirari and died, Cephalid agents retrieved the orb and brought it to Aboshan's treasury. There, Laquatus tried to steal it, but the Emperor lost control of it's power and sank most of Northern Otaria beneath the ocean (the Mirari's literal interpretation of his desires). Aboshan was killed, and the Mirari fell into the hands of Braids, the Cabal's liaison to

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akroma
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