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A strategic bombing campaign is a military strategy used in a total war with the goal of destroying the economic ability of a nation-state to wage war. It is a systematically organized and executed attack from the air which can utilize strategic bombers, cruise missiles, or nuclear-armed fighter-bomber aircraft to attack large targets deemed to be vital to an enemy's war-making capacity. It differs from terror bombing in that the latter targets the enemy civilian population, to either bend it to the aggressor's will or to punish it for political actions, such as the World War II bombing of Rotterdam to force its surrender, or the 1941 bombing of Belgrade for "treachery". by Germany in 1940; the ruin of the (now restored) Laurens Kerk is the only building that remains to remind people of Rotterdam's medieval architecture.]] Strategic Bombing While the distinction between tactical, operational, and strategic bombing can be blurred, they are distinct methodologies generally used for dif

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