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Agnus Dei is a Latin term meaning Lamb of God, and was originally used to refer to Jesus Christ in his role of the perfect sacrificial offering that atones for the sins of humanity in Christian theology, harkening back to ancient Jewish Temple sacrifices. See Lamb of God for an explanation of this. Agnus Dei is used to refer to several things related to it. Art and sacramental In ecclesiastical art, an Agnus Dei is a representation of Jesus as a lamb bearing a cross. It is also a tablet of wax stamped with a representation of Jesus as a lamb bearing a cross, then blessed by the Supreme Pontiff as a sacramental.The Moravian Church uses an Agnus Dei as their seal with the surrounding inscription Vicit agnus noster, eum sequamur ("Our Lamb has conquered, let us follow him."). Liturgy and chalice]]In the Mass of the Roman Rite, the Agnus Dei is the invocation to the Lamb of God sung or recited during the fraction of the Host.See Catholic Encyclopedia article It is said to have been

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