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'. Discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in 1876 at Mycenae. Whether it represents an individual, and who, remains unknown.]]Agamemnon (Greek: "very resolute") is one of the most distinguished of the Greek heroes. He is the son of King Atreus of Mycenae and Queen Aerope, and brother of Menelaus. Because of the antiquity of the sources, it is not clear whether Agamemnon is a historical or mythical figure.In alternative traditions Agamemnon is said to be the son of Pleisthenes (son of Atreus) and Aerope, or of Pleisthenes and Cleolla, daughter of Dias, making him the grandson, rather than the son, of Atreus. [1] Early life Atreus was murdered by Aegisthus and his wife, who took possession of the throne of Mycenae and ruled jointly with his own father Thyestes. During this period Agamemnon and his brother, Menelaus, took refuge with Tyndareus, king of Sparta. There they respectively married Tyndareus's daughters Clytemnestra and Helen. Agamemnon and Clytemnestra had five children: four

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