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Aetherium Biography

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a video game for the Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Color based on the character and film series Indiana Jones. Plot While working in the canyons of Utah in 1947, Dr. Jones is visited by his old girlfriend Sophia Hapgood, who now works for the CIA. She tells Indy that the Russian Communists are excavating the ruins of Babylon looking for something. She asks Indy to take the assignment to find what the Soviets are looking for. Jones takes it.When he arrives in Babylon, Jones overhears a conversation between a Russian radio operator and Dr. Gennadi Volodnikov, a physicist. Volodnikov says he's looking for clues about a machine buried in the Babylonian ruins that was used for communicating with Marduk, the Babylonian god. Jones then slips away and infiltrates the Russian dig site. He then goes into a ruined building where he finds a locked door. He goes back and is confronted by a Russian soldier. Before the guard can shoot, he is

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