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Advaita Vedanta (IAST ; Sanskrit ; ) is a sub-school of the Ved?nta (literally, end or the goal of the Vedas, Sanskrit) school of Hindu philosophy. Other major sub-schools of Ved?nta are Dvaita and . Advaita (literally, non-duality) is often called a monistic system of thought. The word "Advaita" essentially refers to the identity of the Self (Atman) and the Whole (Brahman)Brahman is not to be confused with Brahma, the Creator and one third of the Trimurti along with Shiva, the Destroyer and Vishnu, the Preserver.. The key source texts for all schools of are the Prasthanatrayi – the canonical texts consisting of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and the Brahma Sutras. The first person to explicitly consolidate the principles of Advaita Vedanta was Adi Shankara. Adi Shankara (a monastery or religious order), one of which was located in each of the cardinal directions.]]Adi Shankara consolidated the Advaita Vedanta, an interpretation of the Vedic scriptures that was approved an

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