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Adolf Satan is a sludge metal "supergroup" formed in Boston in 2004 after the reported break-up of Upsidedown Cross. They are close friends of legendary Grindcore band Anal Cunt as well as Flächenbrand, The Melvins, Hank III and Eyehategod. The musical style is a mix-up of Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Grindcore and even Southern Rock. They self describe the music as: "Black Sabbath getting raped by Motörhead while Judas Priest jerks off in the corner." Members Larry Lifeless-Vocals-(Ex Upsidedown Cross) Josh Martin-Guitar-(Ex Anal Cunt) Nate Linehan-Drums-(Ex Anal Cunt) Sean Linehan-Bass Discography EPs/Demos Adolf Satan (2003, Demo Cd, Self Released) Ooga Booga Cab Company (2007, 3 song EP, Menace To Sobriety Records) Albums "Adolf Satan" (2004, Full Length Cd, Bestial Onslaught Records) #"Here Comes the Cum" #"Jessica" #"Point and Grunt" #"Townspeople are the one who will Pay" #"In the Rain with no Cocaine" #"Falling To The Ground" Hear It #"My Sweet Gourd" H

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