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Adiemus () is the title of a series of albums by British composer Karl Jenkins. Songs of Sanctuary (1995) Cantata Mundi (1997) Dances of Time (1998) The Eternal Knot (2001) Vocalise (2003) The Journey: The Best of Adiemus (2000) Adiemus Live (2002) Adiemus New Best & Live (2002) The Essential Adiemus (2003) (Adiemus is also the title of the opening track on Songs of Sanctuary.) Concept Each Adiemus album is a collection of song-length pieces featuring harmonised vocal melody against an orchestral background. There are no lyrics as such: instead the vocalists sing syllables and 'words' invented by Jenkins. However, rather than creating musical interest from patterns of phonemes (as in scat singing, or in numerous classical and crossover compositions), the language of Adiemus is carefully stylised so as not to distract the listener's attention from the pitch and timbre of the voice—for example, syllables ending in consonants are rare. The core concept of Adiemus is t

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