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For the other meanings of acron, see Acron . Acron, son of Xenon, was an eminent Greek physician born at Agrigentum. His exact date is not known; but, as he is mentioned as being contemporary with Empedocles, who died about the beginning of the Peloponnesian war, he must have lived in the fifth century BC. From Sicily he went to Athens, and there opened a philosophical school ().It is said that he was in that city during the great plague (430 BC), and that large fires for the purpose of purifying the air were kindled in the streets by his direction, which proved of great service to several of the sick.Plutarch De Isis et Osiris 80Oribasius Synops. vi. 24, p. 97AĆ«tius Amidenus, tetrab. ii. serm. i. 94, p. 223Paul Aegin., ii. 35, p. 406 It should however be borne in mind that there is no mention of this in Thucydides,Thucydides, ii. 49, &c. and, if it is true that Empedocles or Simonides (who died in 467 BC) wrote the epitaph on Acron, it may be doubted whether he was in Athens at

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