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Achren is a fictional character and villain in the fantasy series The Chronicles of Prydain, written by Lloyd Alexander. Profile In the novels, Achren was once Queen of Prydain, and ruled many years as a harsh and vengeful tyrant, both as ruler and then as the Death-lord Arawn's consort. She originally ruled from her citadel in Annuvin, near Mount Dragon, and later moved to the fastness of Spiral Castle after Arawn gained power. She secretly harbored a deep anger and hatred for the Death-lord, who stole from her the crown of Annuvin. She was also taken with Gwydion; even though he did not reprocitate, she remains largely loyal to him after losing her powers.Achren is a powerful enchantress, and was apparently the one who taught Arawn to use his own powers before he became more powerful than she. Although her powers had diminished, she still was capable of much sorcery when the companions encountered her on their travels.Achren is also the name of a Scottish metal band. Formed in

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Ivory Blacks -  Glasgow
Ivory Blacks -  Glasgow