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.]]The Achaemenid Empire ( ) (559?330 BC), or "Achaemenid Persian Empire", was the first of the Persian Empires to rule over significant portions of Greater Iran. It was the famous foe of the Greek city states (See Greco-Persian Wars), and the first of many successor Persian Empires to be accounted as such and to figure importantly in history—most often as a local superpower, or major regional power. It is also the state which freed the Israelites (Jews) from their Babylonian captivity, and instituted Aramaic, the language in which small portions of the Old Testament and many important historic records are written, to the greater near east as official language.At the height of its power, the Empire spanned three continents. It also eventually incorporated the following territories: in the east, modern Afghanistan and beyond into central Asia, and Pakistan; in the north and west, all of Asia Minor (modern Turkey), the upper Balkans peninsula (Thrace), and most of the Black Sea c

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