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Abuse refers to the use or treatment of something (a person, item, substance, concept, or vocabulary) that is seen as harmful. The term comes from the words "abnormal use". It can be used for anything ranging from the misuse of a piece of equipment to the severe maltreatment of a person.Several types of abuse include: Spiritual abuse: abusive or aberrational practices identified in the behavior and teachings of some churches, spiritual and religious organizations and groups. Sexual abuse: The improper use of another person for sexual purposes, generally without their consent or under physical or psychological pressure (which may include children whether abused by parents, those in loco parentis or strangers). Physical abuse: Where one person inflicts physical violence or pain on another. Verbal abuse: When a person uses profanity, demeaning talk, or threatening statements. Emotional abuse or psychological abuse: coercion, humiliation, intimidation, relational aggression, parental alie

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abused
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