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Á Bao A Qu is a Malay legend described in Jorge Luis Borges's1967 Book of Imaginary Beings. Borges claimed that he had found the legend in thebook On Malay Witchcraft (1937), by C.C. Iturvuru.The Á Bao A Qu lived in the Tower of Victory in Chitor. The Tower of Victory consisted of many spiraling steps, from the top of which one can see the most beautiful landscape in theworld. The Á Bao A Qu waits on the first step for a man brave enough to try to climb up. Untilthat point, it lies sleeping, a translucent blob, until someone passes. Then, when a man startsclimbing, the creature wakes, and follows close behind. As it progresses further and furtherup, it begins to become clearer and more colorful. It gives off a blue light which increases asit ascends. When the climber ascends halfway up the Tower, the Á Bao A Qu's tentacles becomevisible. But it only reaches perfection when the climber reaches the top, and achievesNirvana, so his acts don't cast any shadows. But almost all t
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